TESTED: CXC Simulations Motion Pro II Driving Simulator!


At the top of the actuators, check out the really cool spherical bearings that connect to the bracket on the seat. This is a simple attention to detail that works very well to add to the realistic feel of the simulator. I could imagine that just simply running a bolt and nut through that bracket with a rubber bushing would damp out some of the fine vibrations that create a realistic surface feel, or it would possibly feel like you’re driving a car on bump stops. Either way, the spherical bearing is much appreciated in my opinion. It also looks like the end link may be adjustable, which could probably adjust the length of the shocks in order to manipulate the seat tilt angles and/or intensity.


The “Butt Kicker” is a tactile transducer that provides very small vibrations that the simulator gives the driver. For example, when I use the berms at Laguna Seca, I am able to feel the vibrations that I would as if I am in a real car. Although it works independently of the hydraulic shocks, it’s a small detail that collaboratively provides a realistic driving experience.


This is by far my biggest nerd-out moment while at CXC- seeing the awesome hydraulic Tilton pedal setup! This is definitely something that a lot of my racer friends would envy me for, and I can’t imagine driving on a simulator without this setup now.

Using a real pedal box assures that the simulator will have pedals that feel just like a real car. Pressure transducers in the lines help the simulator accurately understand just how hard you are braking, so the simulator will give a realistic dynamic response to your inputs.


Dual reservoirs with stainless braided lines! The steel braided lines don’t swell with pressure and give a more realistic racing brake feel. These are not your average, home Logitech gamer’s pedals!

Okay, you get the point. This simulator is definitely nerd worthy. MotoIQ’s own, Mike Kojima, visited CXC a while back for an event at their headquarters in LA and was also impressed with it. However, we wanted to do a more in-depth review on their equipment with their available one-on-one, personal driver coaching.


Enter my personal driving coach, Michael Lewis. Michael is a very talented, professional race car driver with an extensive racing resume. He holds numerous Pirelli World Challenge race wins in Pro-Am GT and Pro-Pro classes and has been named the “Porsche Motorsport North America Young Driver” two years in a row, along with many other accomplishments. This year, he is racing a McLaren 650S GT3 for Pirelli World Challenge and will be competing for the championship win. He trains clients on this simulator that are anywhere from novice to professional race car drivers. Needless to say, it was quite an honor to have the opportunity to work with him one-on-one. More information about Michael can be found on his website.


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