The Tech Garage Low Cost Borescope!

The Tech Garage Low Cost Borescope!

by Mike Kojima


Just a few short years ago having access to a borescope was a luxury that few racers, engine builders, and hobbyists could afford. You would typically have to spend a few thousand dollars for one. They were not that flexible, in that you would either not be able to record images or would have to spend a bunch of money for camera adapters. 

We had a borescope at work, and it cost something like $5000. It came in a large wood case that weighed 20 lbs. Not super portable.  The same for my buddies at Cosworth; they would have to lug the big borescope around to all the races and would bitch about it all the time if they were the ones chosen to take it.

Nowadays, a good borescope is still expensive, although there are inexpensive consumer grade ones for as low as $150 bucks. The borescope market is about to change. The Tech Garage has just come out with some very affordable borescopes that use your cell phone as the monitor. They start for as low as $19.95, and their high-end model costs only $69.95. 

How well do these borescopes work?  Let's see!


We tested out The Tech Garage's EE6000 wireless borescope, which is their top of the line model. The EE6000 connects to your phone via a wi-fi connection. 

The heart of the EE6000 is this tiny camera. Previously, borescopes would have an expensive fiber optic cable with a lens at the end going to a controller box.  The EE6000 uses cell phone-like technology to shrink a 2 megapixel HD camera with 1280x720p resolution into a tiny 8mm in diameter bullet. 

The camera has six LED lights around the lens that provide illumination in tight, dark places. The camera and its cable are waterproof.

This box is the camera control unit which has its own LED illuminator and the wireless wi-fi transmitter. It also contains the battery that powers everything and two micro USB ports- one for the charger and one for the camera. 


  1. I have one of your borescopes. Had it about a year. I don’t remember the model number but I paid $39 or $49 for it. I would like to get another one or two of them for gifts but I can’t find them for sale. Do you still offer them? Thx,Doug

    1. Hi Douglas,

      We didn’t sell them, but I don’t see their site available anymore. It looks like they may have sold their company? Unsure…sorry!

  2. I got the EE6000 borescope a few years ago and it worked perfectly then a while back I went to use it and it wouldn’t connect with my phone and I can’t find the app anywhere any idea what to do thanks. I bought it from The Tech Garage it looks identical to what you have on your site. Thanks

  3. i have a ee6000 scope used it a couple times , worked good , now what happens is it keeps loosing the wifi and i have to go into my phone and reboot all the time can you help me

  4. Well….. Looks like I am not the only one left in the dirt…. Went to use my ee6000 today and it didn’t connect.
    The app was unresponsive. I tried to get to settings but, nothing. No problem I figured I would just reload the app. I deleted the old app then went to the app store to only to find out there is no HD See app any longer. WTF! I guess I am stuck without a borescope now.

  5. Hi,
    I purchased an EE6000 from you all back in December 2017. I’ve used it on occasions but now with my current phone I no longer seem to have the correct app and cant get it working. When I searched for HDSEE nothing comes up in the Apple App Store. Can you help me out? Not sure what I’m missing.
    Thanks in advance
    Jeff Lawson

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