The Tech Garage Low Cost Borescope!


Next, we inspected the intake port and intake valve.

You can see the intake valve, port, valve stem and valve guide are all in good condition and unusually clean. The image looked super sharp on our cell phone but looks a bit blurry all blown up here.

One issue we noted, that is not unique to this but all borescopes, is that the depth of field is limited in the camera. This means that only a certain area of the image is in focus. To get around that, you have to move the camera around to get the area you want to see in focus.  It's not that big of a deal. 


Next, we switched our view to the exhaust port.  We wanted to get a good look at the exhaust valve.

The EE6000 has a camera with a 70-degree field of view which is huge for a camera of this size. The field of view is almost twice that of other low cost borescopes that still cost more than twice as much as the EE6000.




  1. I have one of your borescopes. Had it about a year. I don’t remember the model number but I paid $39 or $49 for it. I would like to get another one or two of them for gifts but I can’t find them for sale. Do you still offer them? Thx,Doug

    1. Hi Douglas,

      We didn’t sell them, but I don’t see their site available anymore. It looks like they may have sold their company? Unsure…sorry!

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