The Tech Garage Low Cost Borescope!


This little box is the inline controller for the LED light brightness and the remote on and off switch for shooting video.

A small USB cable is provided for charging the system.

The EE6000 borescope comes with this accessory package for the camera which includes a hook/spear attachment to fish things out of tight places. A magnet attachment and a 90-degree mirror for getting side views of stuff.  

We started out by sticking the scope down the spark plug hole of one of Taka Ono's 2AZ-FE engines that we had in the shop for a minor freshening. 

You use your cell phone's wi-fi to link to the camera then use an app to view the image and take pictures or video using your cell phone. By using your phone as a monitor and recording device, The Tech Garage was really able to knock cost out of the system.

By moving the camera around, we were easily able to examine the piston crown.  It was fine around the ring lands and we didn't see any cylinder wall scoring.  We did note that the piston crown was pitted and slightly eroded due to frequent mild detonation. 



  1. I have one of your borescopes. Had it about a year. I don’t remember the model number but I paid $39 or $49 for it. I would like to get another one or two of them for gifts but I can’t find them for sale. Do you still offer them? Thx,Doug

    1. Hi Douglas,

      We didn’t sell them, but I don’t see their site available anymore. It looks like they may have sold their company? Unsure…sorry!

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