The Tech Garage Low Cost Borescope!


Like the intake valve, you can see the exhaust port, valve stem, valve guide, valve back side and valve seat. The image was very clear on the cell phone screen but was a little blurry all blown up. Moving the camera in and out to change the in-focus area easily fixes this. 

Is The Tech Garage bore scope the end all in bore scopes? Well, to be honest, we have used ones with better image quality before, but those cost thousands of dollars and were big and clumsy. 

Does The Tech Garage borescope have any shortcomings?  It has a limited depth of field, as all optical devices do, and will require that you move the cable back and forth and around to bring things into focus.  All borescopes are like this, and you need to get a feel for it. The camera is also inflexible and won't fit into every tight spot, but all borescopes have some sort of limitation in this regard as well. The 90-degree mirror attachment cuts the image size and adds distortion, but hey, most borescopes can't look at 90 degrees of axis.

For the price, nothing even comes close. For $19.95 for the slightly lower resolution but smaller 7mm camera head scope, there is no reason not to have this in your tool box.  The $69.95 wireless model we tested is still an essential tool to have we feel. Besides looking to your engine, you can look into your diff, transmission, valve cover, anywhere where you can fit a cable and an 8mm object into.

The borescope can be used to look for lost items you dropped under furniture and to find and fish out dropped bolts in your engine compartment. There are so many uses for this device that the applications are only as big as your imagination. 

Personally, we will now be packing this into our race support bag.  Every season we run into a few jams that this device would have really been helpful!


The Tech Garage Plug-in Model

The Tech Garage Wireless Model


  1. I have one of your borescopes. Had it about a year. I don’t remember the model number but I paid $39 or $49 for it. I would like to get another one or two of them for gifts but I can’t find them for sale. Do you still offer them? Thx,Doug

    1. Hi Douglas,

      We didn’t sell them, but I don’t see their site available anymore. It looks like they may have sold their company? Unsure…sorry!

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