Tested: DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter
DBPOWER jump box go/no-go chart
One of the inner flaps includes a handy chart that tells you which engines are OK to attempt to jump using your particular unit.

DBPOWER makes jump boxes in varying amperage/mAh ratings, and the larger the rating the bigger the engine they can start.


DBPOWER jump box accessories
The DBPOWER jump box is not only for starting cars. It comes with a range of DC adapters for charging/powering laptops and other devices.

It comes with large alligator clips for attaching to a vehicle batter when jump starting, and comes with both a wall-wort-style charger as well as a standard 12v automotive port charging adapter, too.


DBPOWER front panel display and USB and other ports
The front panel of the unit has a back-lit LCD display that shows the current charge status.

It also is where the ports for charging the unit are. The DBPOWER jump box also has two USB ports, one of which is “smart” for charging phones and other mobile devices. The main on-off switch for the unit as well as the power button are also found here.

But charging things isn’t the only feature that the DBPOWER has.


DBPOWER LED flashlight
The jump box also features a super bright LED that can be used as a flashlight or other general purpose light.

Don’t worry about using it, though. You certainly have a lot of battery capacity!


  1. These are really handy for a ton of reasons. Great for testing circuits, and when you need to get 12V somewhere. I use it directly on the starter motor sometimes.

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