Tested: DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter
DBPOWER LED safety light
It also features a bright, flashing red safety light.

If you get stranded somewhere, you can place this behind your vehicle to really, really let people know where you are.


DBPOWER compass
If you get really screwed, you can use the compass to navigate your way home, I guess.

Seriously, a compass?

Anyway, with all the bells and whistles, the true test is whether or not the thing actually works. Does it?

If you’ve been following MotoIQ Project SC300, you know that I recently missed a jZilla Track Days event while trying to do the Grannas Racing T56 swap. But my wife, Ainsley, happened to be driving her E85 Z4M roadster (the one from the ChipEx article). In the pits next to her were a few Spec E30 racers. I happened to be visiting Ainsley when one of them was getting ready to go out for a session. Click-click-click-click! That’s definitely a dead battery, I thought to myself.

As they were scrambling for a jump box I realized that I had the DBPOWER unit in the trunk of my Subaru wagon. I offered up my assistance and they gladly took it. If you know anything about E30s you know that BMW has the battery in the trunk, but has a special jump start lug in the engine bay.

This E30 happened to have slightly… less than quality wiring in the engine bay. Trying to jump the car via the lug and chassis ground (which is how it’s normally done) just wasn’t working. So, I hooked the DBPOWER unit up to the battery in the trunk, which really isn’t optimal.

Vroom! The car started right up. And this is after the DBPOWER had been sitting in the trunk for several months. So, I can definitely say that it works.


  1. These are really handy for a ton of reasons. Great for testing circuits, and when you need to get 12V somewhere. I use it directly on the starter motor sometimes.

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