TESTED: Goodyear Eagle RS Competition Tire



After qualifying dead last due to a shorted qualifying session, our G20 fought its way back up to third in only three laps, nearly caught the race leaders, then decided to grenade its transmission. 



Our front passenger side tire after one weekend of racing. 



Our rear passenger side tire after one weekend of racing.  Notice the complete lack of “free rubber” on the inside?  This is the first time in this car's entire racing lifespan that the inside of the rear tires weren't covered in other people's marbles, and probably helped make the car more linear throughout a race session, as well as predictible on breakaway.  We used to never bother balancing our tires because of this phenomenon, but Goodyear insisted that these tires wouldn't do that.  As usual, they were right.


Excuses aside, after an unfortunately short weekend of racing, our tires showed nearly zero wear, performed flawlessly, offered excellent grip, feedback, and driveability.  While it's hard to quantify exacly hot much faster these tires are due to never running at LVMS before, I can comfortably say that we picked up a second or a little more from swapping tires alone.  Be sure to check back for updates as we will be sure to keep you posted on how well the Goodyear Eagle RS performs once the wear indicators have disappeared. 



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