All Eyes on David Cheng

All Eyes on David Cheng
by Ashley van Dyke

David Cheng is quickly becoming an international racing superstar with a successful start already and an increasingly opportunistic future in the works. Cheng was born in 1989, in China where he spent the first six years of his childhood before moving to Washington. This is where his early interest in motor sports began. A self-titled adrenaline junkie, Cheng remembers his passion for racing beginning at age four when he saw a glimpse of a Formula One race on the television set.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he was aided by David Cheng Racing manager, Dan Gulickson to pursue his dream in racing, and has since been traveling to racetracks all over the world. Together they have faced challenges and progressed as a team creating a positive environment for Cheng to grow.

David Cheng Dan Gulickson
 David with long time racing manager Dan Gulickson.

Making an entrance in the 2006 NWAA Auto Cross A Stock Class, David competed in three races. There, he found one win and two 2nd place podium finishes. This started off paving the path to the racing world for Cheng. At the Karting Rotax International Class Cups in 2006 and 2007, David proved he was going to have potential for the years to come.

In 2006 Cheng finished 8th in the Winter Club season championship, following up the next year with five consecutive top five place standings, ultimately securing fifth place in the championship. In 2007 David also entered the Karting Rotax International Gold Cup, competed in two races, receiving fourth place finishes in both events.

David Cheng
                   David in his F2000 ride.

In 2008 Cheng attended Skip Barber Racing School, a school focused on teaching open wheel auto racing. Cheng attended this school on two separate occasions, completing both the two and three-day courses. At the end of the course completions Cheng then raced in the Skip Barber Western Regional Championship, coming in 7thplace in the final with consistent top-ten finishes. It was in these first few years of racing that Cheng started gaining respect on the track. He was the rookie, a good one, but it was his dedication and sportsmanship that led to more open doors for Cheng.

The next race season in 2009 started up with Skip Barber again, this time in the Eastern Regional Championship. This was a stepping-stone series for David where he posted improving results. He attained multiple podium finishes; one pole position; three fastest race laps; and a hard charger award.

David Cheng Scirocco R-Cup
Relaxing in the pits at a Scirocco R-Cup race in China.

2009 was the first major standout year for David Cheng Racing, wrapping up with the Pacific Formula 2000. David competed in six out of twelve races. He finished 11th in the Championship and won the Rookie of the Year Award; one Rookie of the Race Award; and maintained consistent top five finishes. It was a big development year in 2009 with vast improvements in Cheng’s racing craft. With their consistency paying off, DCR had even higher standards to prepare for in looking to the future.

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