All Eyes on David Cheng


David Cheng PR1 Motorsports
David at the helm of the PR1 Motorsports BMW M6 during Grand-Am Rolex 24 action at Daytona.

In 2010 DCR continued to find success. Cheng raced in three major events. The first was the BMW Pro3 where he raced twice, receiving 7th and 9th place. After that it was off to the 25 Hours of ThunderHill to race the MX-5 Cup car. David won the E1 class by 45 laps ahead of the second place car, and placed 6th overall in the standings.

C.J. Wilson, Cheng’s racing partner at ThunderHill, has been encouraging David’s success, and DCR works to promote the Children’s Charities that Wilson represents. This has been a co-creative effort since the two drivers first met at Skip Barber back in 2009.

David Cheng
David Cheng in Oscar by Alpinestars.

Also in 2010, Cheng was put through the testing program at PR1 Motorsports in the LMPC program. The team races this car in the American Le Mans series new prototype class. Preparation for the future of Cheng’s racing program is always in mind and the testing was a great benefit for Cheng.

The American Le Mans series is an appealing race series in North America for Cheng, a passionate road racing driver at heart. The ultimate challenge for Cheng would be to compete in France at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The training and discipline for drivers in this race is a necessity, and it’s DCR’s goal to build David Cheng into that driver.

Mid-Ohio David Cheng
 Celebrating a podium result at Mid Ohio in the LMPC Class of the American Le Mans Series.

Ending the 2010 season was round two of the Pacific Formula 2000. Cheng was runner up in the Championship. Two wins, five 3rd place finishes, four pole positions, and five fastest race laps. The improvement from the year before launched him to find his greatest on track results yet.

Coming up to Cheng’s 2011 season now, it was his most prize-filled year as a driver for David Cheng. Cheng entered into battle in five professional racing series. At the Pacific Formula 2000 series David took on five wins, giving him runner up for the championship for the second year in a row.

David Cheng Malaysia Grand Prix
 Scirocco R-Cup race  in Malaysia.


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