All Eyes on David Cheng


 MX-5 Miata 25 Hours of thunderhill
 At the 2010 Thunderhill race where Cheng was part of a team that took 1st in the E1 class.

APR is located near Auburn, Alabama, and works globally to market aftermarket performance products and their racing program. The company’s ties with Volkswagen/Audi are part of DCR's goals to further strengthen and perform well in the USA while competing in the Scirocco R-Cup China series again in 2012. Cheng and his partn

ers focus on an international emphasis when it comes to racing, and expanding DCR along with VW to the Asian market is great exposure for the brands.

The Grand Am Continental Sports Car Challenge is first on the list for Cheng to start off the racing program in 2012. The series takes the green flag in January at the Daytona International Speedway. Racing in APR’s VW is a comfort for DCR, and the Street Tuner class will be a great entrance for the season. This series blends ten racetracks around the nation into one action packed racing season.

 Formula Scirocco
David racing as part of a large field in the opening round of the 2011 Scirocco R-Cup.

As a young driver, David Cheng’s ability to leverage his talents and opportunities has ultimately increased his visibility in the world of racing. Internationally he has been making a name for himself already at the age of 22. Every race is a new step for Cheng as a racing talent, as he gets more experience under his belt. It takes effort on all ends to keep improving, but with David Cheng in the driver’s seat it seems to get easier as things go along.

DCR has the opportunity to run in various series in 2012. This would include a plan to competing in the Zhuhai round of the International Le Mans Cup in November over in China. Cheng is hoping to gain the necessary sponsorship to pursue his plans for 2012.

 David Cheng
 David competing in the PR1 Motorsports LMPC prototype car.

Also on Cheng’s radar is The Grand Prix of Macau, a 58-year-old historical Asian event, acclaimed to be the best in all of Asian racing. This race event is high on Cheng’s list of races to compete in for 2012. Its history and notoriety in Asia brings more exposure as an athlete, more experience as a racer, but also a reward for his family. It is a goal for DCR this year to get Cheng in this race.

Participating in the Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup again in 2012 is another big commitment for David Cheng Racing. Dates for the events will be released in January, but preparation started last year with David’s dedication to the full season. Cheng now knows all the tracks the series will visit in 2012 as he has raced rounds there this past year.

David Cheng at Sepang Circuit
In his final race of 2011 David competed in a Formula Pilota race weekend at Sepang taking 3rd place.

As David Cheng’s primarily focus is on his dream of racing at Le Mans, competing in a series such as the Scirocco R Cup and the Grand Am series, helps build Cheng’s dream into a reality, race by race. With such great talent at age 22, race fans globally are tuned in and eager to see Cheng battle for ultimate success as an international, professional driver.


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