Tested: Meguiar’s SQUASH Quick Air Refresher

The Meguair’s Quick Air Refresher is magical awesomeness in a can! Not only does it do an amazing job at eliminating odors, but it now comes in a Lemon-Lime Squash smell! If you’ve been in the import car game for more than just a few years you have definitely stumbled upon, or maybe obsessed over, the amazing scent of squash.


If you know what this is and what it smelled like keep reading, because the Meguiar’s Lemon-Lime-Squash Air Refresher is for you! Image borrowed from our friends over at RallySportDirect.


Our story has to start a couple years ago when we had the chance to meet the Meguiar’s team at a media conference and they were showing us their new line of Quick Air Refresher sprays and Whole Car Air Refreshers, which are more like a scent-bomb. The scent-bomb caught our attention, but our inner JDM-fanboy couldn’t help but ask, “Why don’t you guys come out with a squash smell?!” Now, we’re not saying the new Lemon-Lime Squash scent came out because of us, but apparently we weren’t the only ones asking for it.

Fast forward to the same conference this year, and as soon as we walked in the door the Meguiar’s team asked us one question, “what do you think we came out with this year?” We were totally kidding when we answered with, “A JDM squash air freshener!!!” But sure enough, that’s exactly what they had waiting for us to try out. We cannot put into words the excitement that came over our group! You would have thought someone must’ve just won a brand new car on the Price is Right with the amount of excitement and noise coming out of our conference room!


The Meguiar’s Quick Air Refresher shown here in all its glory. They come in three different scents, but come one now, we’re only interested in the Lemon-Lime-Squash! But for you folks who didn’t grow up with the Fast and Furious, they also have New Car and Leather scents.


A close up look at the business end of the Meguiar’s Quick Air Refresher. This magic dispenser will transport you straight back to 1999 and have you bumping trance music and pulling off e-brake slides at your local movie theater parking structure in no time!


Small, but powerful! The Meguiar’s Quick Air Refresher is the perfect size to stow in your glove box for taming your friend’s smells or for whenever you just feel like being JDM-sweet when you pull up to the local car meet. This is much better than having a car filled with squash cans…like our editor in chief Mike Kojima. That guy even has a mega squash bucket in the back seat of Project Tundra. No joke, he has a bit of a problem. Haha!


We recently used the Lemon-Lime-Squash Meguiar’s Quick Air Refresher in our EP3 Civic Si which is currently being used as the company beater and had great results. It’s important to vacuum your car completely and it wouldn’t hurt to wipe down and clean all the interior panels to get rid of any funk that’s been clinging on to your car before spraying. We sprayed a couple low-traffic spots on the carpets and also gave it a couple general in the air sprays. After driving the car a couple days we noticed that not only was the squashy goodness still there, but some of the funky smells we couldn’t previously identify were significantly diminished. Win win!

Here’s a quote from our resident drifter Rathyna Gomer:

“The first time I took a whiff of the Meguiar’s Lemon Lime Squash scented spray, I was immediately taken back to the days where I thought reflective tint and lowering springs were the only way of life. It’s like I’m sitting back in the cracked leather seats of my first automatic 350z that I used to bump trance in while wangan racing. The OG JDM Lemon Lime Squash scent is one that many generations of enthusiasts can share, regardless of the year, geographic location, or car. Not only does it smell good, it makes me feel alive when I’m driving my Hyundai Tucson todayy. Thank you Meguiar’s for bringing back some of the best memories from the infancy of my car addiction.”

In conclusion, this is the best air freshener ever! Ok, so we can’t really quantify or claim that, but in our opinion this is one of the most exciting car care products to come out in a long time. It’s really awesome to know the product development team is in touch with our community and is listening to what we want. So go out and buy yourself some cases of this stuff. We know we are!






  1. I was wondering where I can purchase that ‘SQUASH’ CAR SCENT at, because I looked at MEQUIARS and they didn’t have it…

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