Tested: TIC WRX Suspension Components



With the parts in hand it was time to get them on the car and see what difference they really made. We chose to have Cobb Tuning install these parts as they are well versed in Subaru platforms… EH who are we kidding they are an AUTHORITY on these platforms. While we are never afraid to get our hands dirty in working on our own projects in this case we want to point out the importance of having access to and choosing a quality shop to install parts, especially one's that can be tricky! We have all wrestled with bushings and braces that are in constant tension and given that this car was not one that belonged to “us” we were not going to mess with things. Cobb put our mind at ease and installed these bits while we took pictures and ate snacks. Did we mention how hard our job is?  


TiC Turn in Concepts Super Sexy Install Cobb Tuning
Our office for the day. Err…. Cobb's office for the day; we are just here for the pics. 


Super Sexy Bushing Install TiC Cobb WRX STi Impreza Forester Legacy
On the lift and in the middle of removing the rear trailing arms. Having a lift and a press will make this job MUCH easier. Our friends at Cobb didn't even curse once during this install, had it been done at MIQ headquarters this article would be nothing but expletives. 


TiC Super Sexy Install rear lateral link
TiC Bushing Install WRX Imprea STi rear trailing arm
Here you can see the rear trailing arm and lateral links removed from the car. We will use a press to remove the old old crusty bush…. err… bushings. 


TiC rear lateral link bushings Super Sexy
We started by removing the lateral link bushings. They are the easiest to remove as they do not have a metal reinforcement sleeve like the lateral link does. Notice the difference between the OEM and TiC bushings; the two piece design makes installation a snap. 


TiC Super Sexy Bushing install rear lateral links donut Cobb Tuning
This picture clearly demonstrates why we chose the expertise of Cobb for the install. Two items that are IMPERATIVE to have on hand while doing this install, proper lube and a glazed donut!


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