Tested: TIC WRX Suspension Components


TiC rear lateral link bushing installed WRX STi Impreza Cobb Tuning


TiC Super Sexy Bushing installed rear lateral links Cobb Tuning
They simply lubed and pressed the TiC bushings in place in the rear lateral links while we ate donuts… 


TiC Turn in Concepts Rear lateral link bushing install Cobb Tuning
After the lateral links were done we moved on to the trailing arms. Cobb used a press to remove the metal sleeve that shims and reinforces the OEM bushing. This is where having the proper tools come in handy. 


TiC bushing install OEM metal sleeve removed rear trailing arm
TiC bushing install WRX STi trailing arm Cobb Tuning
TiC rear trailing arm bushing installed.

For this series I am compelled to write two captions. One is my own caption: 

“With the metal sleeve nonsense taken care of you can grease the TiC bushing and press both pieces in to the railing arm and then insert the sleeve.” 


The second caption is for our resident queen of innuendo, Sarah Forst: 

“Please observe proper lubrication of the mushroom tip before it is inserted in to the bush housing.” 


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