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Working a little spreadsheet ninjitsu lets you see some pretty cool stuff. The second graph shows I’m not braking nearly hard enough!

If you’ve got a mount that allows your phone’s camera to see out the windshield, you can automatically video tape every run and superimpose data over it! The video below was created using Trackmaster on a Droid phone equipped with an external Bluetooth GPS. It shows a motorbike lapping Road America. Note that overlaying telemetry data onto the video requires third-party software, such as Race Render. However, Trackmaster does automatically generate a file to be used by that software.  

If you create an account on MyTrackmaster.com, you can upload the data from your sessions and then view them online. The website has a lot of cool features to let you analyze your runs. You can “play back” each lap or run and view acceleration, speed, distance, and time data along with the racing line you took on the track!


This data shows a lap on Thunderhill Raceway.

The Trackmaster app also supports something really neat if you have “fans” that want to follow you while you race by transmitting data over your cellular provider’s data network. The Trackmaster Live View application ($1.99 in the Google Play store) allows anyone to view your car’s telemetry data in real time, while you race. Users can see your exact position on the racetrack (using images from Google Earth) along with several other drivers.


I’m starting to hope that ALMS teams will be using this when I go to the Baltimore Grand Prix this year! Live View can also be accessed on a PC by going to MyTrackmaster.com.

In summary, Trackmaster by Trackaroo is an absolute bargain. For less than five dollars, it turns your phone into a very capable data-logging device. If your phone has a good camera on it, Trackmaster acts as a video camera on steroids, collecting both video and telemetry data. Even better, it provides tools for you to analyze that data and puts it into a very easy-to-use format.

Screenshots and video provided by Trackaroo.





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