Testing Competition Clutch’s Stage III Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel


We cleaned the friction surface with brake cleaner as well to get any trace of shipping rust preventative off.
Martin should really clean the grease off of his hand when getting everything else super clean!
The alignment tool is placed on the disc and the disc is placed on the pressure plate.  Be sure that you don’t put the disc on backwards or you might find that the clutch won’t disengage.  The flat part of the hub center goes toward the flywheel and the protruding part goes toward the pressure plate.
The clutch disc and pressure plate are now ready to install.
The clutch assembly is placed smoothly onto the the clean flywheel.
The alignment tool goes into the pilot bearing hole and the clutch is slid into place flush with the flywheel.
The factory bolts that hold the pressure plate on to the flywheel are hand tightened.

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