The 2011 General Tire Mint 400
General Tire Mint 400

 My Review of The General Tire Mint 400 DVD

By William Cannady

The General Tire Mint 400 DVD, Directed by the Martelli Brothers and Produced by Mad Media was an awesome DVD, that covers the 2011 event set in Las Vegas. At an event where less than half of the 200 competitors will finish. The Martelli Brothers did a awesome job capturing the event as well as the location. Set just out side of Vegas proper, this event has it all. The film has some great action shots of the various trucks and buggys out there ripping up this course. Starting in 1967, this has become the one of the great American desert races. The battles between the defending champion Roger Norman and the rest of the pack hunting for him were well laid out and create some great tension as the race is played out over the course of the film. I have not watched too many off road events but I was blown away by how flat the chassis stays while tackling mid corner ruts and stones that would put a classic beetle on its back, wait… they're out there competing too. The narrator does an amazing job talking you through the film and his voice adds a nice layer to the tension of the back and forth between the first and second place trophy trucks. Included are a few team bios that really bring you into the action and show that anyone can break something critical and be out of the race. There are 25 classes that are very limited to keep the racing close and even then, it's up to the drivers and crew to keep those vehicles out there going for the win. I really reccommend you check out this film, you can get buy or rent on iTunes HERE. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy this film as I did and create some new love for those off road motorsports.

Here is a TV spot from Fuel TV



The Mint 400 2011 Contingency teaser

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