Matt Powers 2012 Formula D Ride!

Matt Powers 2012 Formula D Ride!

By Mike Kojima

In 2011 Matt Powers battled to sixth place in the Formula D points standing in his Nissan S14 240SX.  The old 240 had served Matt well being his street car and gradually evolving from a street drift, to amateur drifting, to Pro Am and finally Formula D pro competition.

In 2011 under the care of crew chief Costa Gialamas the S14 finally became competitive.  In 2011 Matt took his underfunded shoestring team to battle and stayed in the battle for the championship all the way to the season finale in Irwindale.

For 2012 Matt has decided to retire the old S14 and build a new car from the ground up.  The old car evolved from a street car so it had many compromises in its construction.  The new car is being built from the ground up as a competition car.  We will be following Costa as he builds the car up from a shell.

In the first stage of construction, Costa strips a clean 240SX to a bare shell.  Then comes the tedious task of removing all of the sound deadening and seam sealer.  Costa uses a putty knife to remove the sound deadening by sliding a thin putty knife under the sound sheet and uses a smaller knife to remove the sealer from the seams.
The work is tiring but Costa removes every bit of sound deadening and sealer.
If the seam sealer is not removed it will make seam welding the chassis more difficult later.  The sealer will melt and spit under the heat of welding.
Once the majority of the sealer is removed, the rest is removed with a wire brush and elbow grease.
Heat from a Map gas torch helps soften the sealer making it easier to remove.


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