The 2022 Toyota Mirai Limited: As California as it Gets

Ed note- If you have missed her last two articles, Emma is a Human-Centered Designer for NASA, working at JPL making space stuff more useable.  She has started doing usability reviews for different cars at MotoIQ, Here are some links to her previous stuff!

Human-Centered Design and the Automobile

Human-Centered Design Review: 2022 Mini Cooper S

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach, it’s no secret that the Golden State is famous for being a hub for all things innovative and experimental. However, the Mirai might just be more of a California girl than you might think…and not necessarily for the right reasons, either. Special thanks to The Motoring Club for the car and Melzer Creative for the media.

As in our previous stories, this technical evaluation is based on the Nielsen Norman Group’s 10 Usability Heuristics, the tried and true valuation method for human factors.

💸 Price: $67,025 | 🚙 Body Style: Sedan | 🏎 Powertrain: Fuel Cell

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  1. Had the pleasure of working at a Toyota Dealership during the Mirai launch in 2015? Really ahead of its time…and it still is…unfortunately.

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