The 2022 Toyota Mirai Limited: As California as it Gets


Contrary to the idea that fuel cell is an admirable but ultimately futile effort in cars, I personally think that it could be in time as the infrastructure grows. We just need a lot more communication and trust as the end users to help mitigate some of the risks while it’s in its infancy. The Mirai proves to be sleek yet simultaneously quirky. I’d like to see it as even more of a deviation from the standard gas-powered lineup Toyota traditionally offers. This technology is radical, I’d like to see that same eccentricity carry over into the end-users domain.

Overall Usability Score: 47/100


Spicy Carrot

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  1. Had the pleasure of working at a Toyota Dealership during the Mirai launch in 2015? Really ahead of its time…and it still is…unfortunately.

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