The All New 2014 Mazda 3 West Coast Unveiling at the W Hollywood


2014 mazda 3 la revealThe system navigator controls you would normally find in a Bimmer or a Benz seem right at home in the new 3's high quality interior.
2014 mazda 3 la revealThe rear seats are much larger than you would expect in a car this size. There's plenty of leg room for adults under 6' tall too. Head room is ample too despite the car having a lower roofline than the previous 3.
2014 Mazda 3 revealThe hatchback has a slippery coefficient of drag of only 0.275 while the sedan has even less drag at 0.255. I see the approximate silhouette of a squashed BMW X1 here, but Mazda keeps it distinctively their own with its own unique styling touches everywhere.  
2014 mazda 3 revealThe new Mazda front bumper designs have large grille areas with bold styling. I dig the blend of angles and curves and it certainly gives the cars a more masculine look. I wonder if the new MX-5 is going to get this front end styling treatment since the front of all MX-5s have always looked pretty soft and smiley.
2014 mazda 3 la revealThroughout the night, people got to see, touch, feel, and check out the 3 up close. The music, food, and open bar kept the party going.

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