The All New 2014 Mazda 3 West Coast Unveiling at the W Hollywood


2014 mazda 3 revealTaryn Manning was on the turntables to keep the party going. Of course the open bar helped that too. You may know her from her group, BoomKAT. I remember their song The Wreckoning a while back. OR…
taryn manning…you may know her as an actress that's been in quite a few movies. I thought she did an awesome job acting as Nola in Hustle & Flow. I really liked that movie too. Could you ever imagine DJ Qualls on the drum machine?
2014 mazda 3 la revealThere were T-shirt machines cranking out unlimited red Mazda T-shirts. I chose drinks over T-shirts so I forgot to get one.
2014 mazda 3 la revealThere was even a candy bar where you could bag a bunch of candy and take it home.

I asked a few Mazda people when the new Mazdaspeed3 was coming. I kept hearing the word DIESEL. Personally I'm excited to see all the manufacturers come out with diesel engines. I'm not sure if it will make for a car that is exhilarating to drive however. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for a performance car, we'll just have to wait and see. 

mazda lmp2 dieselAudi has proven that diesels can win in endurance racing, but that's clean sheet engine bespoke LMP1 super huge budget stuff. This is Mazda's LMP2 entry into the American Le Mans Series next year which will merge with Grand-Am to form United SportsCar Racing. If it works out right, LMP2 and the Daytona Prototypes will merge to form the top class and there will be no more LMP1 cars running in the US except for the two WEC events at Sebring and Petit Le Mans. It should be a very exciting series all filled with production based engines from Honda, Mazda, Nissan, GM, BMW, Porsche, and Ford. Audi says they might be coming to the LMP2 party too. There will be 4, 6, and 8 cylinders in twin turbo, single turbo, and naturally aspirated configurations. LMP2 cost caps will ensure innovation has a chance to beat dollars.

Overall it was a great night and I was able to catch up with a few people I haven't seen in a while. The food that the W waitresses served was awesome tasting. The waitresses and bartenders were seriously 9-9.5s outta 10s (this is Hollywood after all). After the party was over, the live band inside the hotel lobby had party #2 rockin already. It felt like I was at a fancy mansion party #1 (minus the illegal stuff) and then you just walked next door to the next mansion party that was in full swing.

2014 mazda 3 la revealThe W's large lounge and bar/lobby has plenty of room. You can imagine how cool it is to have a live band playing full blast right below the stairs. Oh yes….party #2 was ON!

We woke up to a phone call from the front desk calling to see if I was going to check out or stay another night. I considered the second night for a moment…but I had plenty of stuff to do back in the real world. Now if Mazda had left a pre-production Mazda6 twin turbo diesel for me to drive home, it would have been 100 percent perfect. But I was pretty damn happy with 97 percent. Until the next release party…

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