The Drift League: 2018 Season Finale

In nearly the same spot where Kuo made contact with the wall, Jerald Hernandez had his wheels lock and thus understeered into the outer wall, causing quite the spectacle of a crash.

Parts flying about and hood blowing open, this was easily one of the worst crashes The Drift League has seen.

Having personally known Jerald since March this year, I was personally hurt to see his flagship E46 in tatters. It was a mess; the hood had broken through the windshield, and the front right shock tower had been impacted so hard it contacted and damaged the valve cover on the LS inside.

Needless to say, Hernandez retired from the day after this shunt.

Further down the paddock, Daniel Kuo looked over the damage to his FD RX-7. I was genuinely impressed when I overheard his phone call referring to replacement arms; he was fully intending to keep going, even after such a hit into the wall just a few hours earlier.

However, back on track, the tandem practice had begun.

Jon Shaffer (aka instashaffed) chases Pablo Cabrera (aka pab_drifts) into the spiral.

As media, tandem practice is especially important as it gives a first look at how drivers size up against their competition, who’s working on their lines; all in all, important information for capturing the Top 16.

Pro 1 driver Justin Pawlak tripods his Roush Mustang coming around the first transfer.

Of course, this time the track was shared by FD Pro 1 drivers; who of course stole the show.

Jeff Jones, Pro 1 contestant, demonstrates the sheer difference in car capabilities between Pro Am and Pro 1.


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