The Drift League: 2018 Season Finale

By: Nick Weycker

Josh Mason, aka @mason_drives rides back up the spiral.

Another monthly Friday night, another day of The Drift League. Until this one, that is. Round 4 is unique in that its the season finale. All the blood, oil, sweat, gas, and tears for the past five months had all lead up to this day. Of all the contestants who had entered, only three would walk out with Formula Drift Pro 2 licenses. To say the stakes were high is a tad of an understatement.

Other than Rome Charpentier taking the definite lead after Round 3 by 40 points, the Top 5 point battles were shoring up rather nicely with a definite pair to look out for come time for the Top 16.

1. Rome Charpentier – 249 pts
2. Dan Stuke – 209 pts
3. Josh Mason – 208 pts
4. Tony Cisneros – 194 pts
5. Amanda Sorenson – 170 pts

After a brief driver’s meeting with special guests like Kyle Mohan, Ryan Litteral, and Michael Essa, the Pro-Am drivers took to the track for the parade lap and following practice.

Riley Cahill draws out a map of the layout.

In the article for Round 3, I used the phrase “Irwindale Luck” quite a bit. Expect it’s return, as while Round 4 was no Round 2 in terms of crashes, it was still rather hectic.

Daniel Kuo (aka itsgaragelife) was the first in the track spirit’s eyes. Coming around the latter half of the first bank, his rear end came around, leaving him no choice but to slam the outer wall with his driver’s side.

Wheels locked and brakes stood on, the Garage Life FD still shunts into the wall.

Later on, I was able to ask Daniel about what he thinks was the cause of the crash, stating: “If anything, the track was pretty cold and dusty I suppose.”

The House of Drift satisfied for now, practice continued on, some FD Pro 1 cars even joining the mix.

Kyle Mohan lays on the gas coming out of the spiral’s last apex.

The peace, however, was only temporary.

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