The Eibach Meet: The Good, the Bad, and the Senseless


Legendary Honda high-performance company Jackson Racing celebrates 35 years of business this year. Today, Oscar Jackson and son Oscar Jr. develop Rotrex-based supercharger systems for all sorts of vehicles, including many Hondas. The next time you get the bright idea of logging onto your favorite online den of misinformation claiming how your old school roots run all the way back to 2007, read that first sentence again.

Jackson Racing's early supercharger systems were based off of Roots-style blowers that compress the incoming airstream at a 1:1 ratio with the crankshaft. Rotrex superchargers are made up of a series of rolling elements that allow the compressor wheel to spin exponentially faster than your crankshaft. The results are more boost and more power. 

Sportcar Motion's time attack Integra ready for business. As the good people at Hasport say: You can show a race car but you can't race a show car.

Sportcar Motion partnered with Jackson Racing for a custom, race-only K-series supercharger system. Jackson Racing isn't the only Rotrex supercharger system there is, but with the company's 35 years of history and proven record, it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to consider anything else.

Buddy Club is another longstanding name within the Honda performance world, offering everything from exhaust manifolds to wheels to adjustable suspension components. 

Evasive Motorsports' HKS-supercharged time attack S2000.

Mackin Industries displaying its lineup of Volk Racing wheels among what is quite possibly the largest gathering of Hondas with fake Volk Racing wheels.

Unlike these. As always, the Eibach meet proves to be a mix between cars you can aspire to recreate and cars you'd like to set on fire.

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