The Eibach Meet: The Good, the Bad, and the Senseless


Turbocharged NSX near the Mackin display.
Intercooler placement on the NSX is almost always a challenge. Here, a pair is positioned below the engine and underneath the rear bumper. It isn't nearly as effective as when mounted up front but it beats a liquid-to-air system, where heat soak can occur relatively quickly. 
Sportcar Motion's time attack RSX. 
Stuffing a bunch of soda cans into your rear wheel to demonstrate how deep its lip is will never be a good idea.. 
Nor will bothering to swap a 2.2L, 190hp VTEC engine into place with a tubular exhaust header, high-flow exhaust system, and rinky-dink, factory intake pipe. 
But perhaps that rinky-dink, factory intake pipe is better than nothing at all. 
Melding the worlds of graffiti, circus sideshows, and high-performance isn't easy, but this sixth-generation Civic hatchback does it better than most. Under the hood that isn't there lies a built single-cam engine with individual throttle bodies—a rare combination of all sorts of silliness and respectable horsepower. 
Another track-bound Integra. 

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