The Ford GTs of Robertson Racing




An AP Racing floor-mounted pedal assembly helps connect the driver to the go and stop bits. While the transmission is sequential, it does not use an electronic clutch, so the third pedal remains. What isn't traditional is in center frame – an electrically assisted steering system. While it may seem gimmicky on some street cars, this $14,000 system works well and has been super reliable. All of these fancy electronics come at a cost, though. And that cost is the $12,000 alternator that it takes to run all of them.
Here's the obligatory butt shot. Take a look at those meats. The Fords run 18”x11.5” front and 18”x13” BBS monoblock wheels, wrapped in 285/660/18 and 310/710/18 Dunlop slicks, respectively. If you're not familiar with racing slick sizing, the 310/710/18 tire is right about 305mm wide. But what's that blue thing under the bumper?
These cars are full of cute details. HSR/SVRA decided that all cars needed to run a catch can. The Robertsons “protested”.
Need some extra wheels? The current set of spares doesn't include as many as it did in the past, but this is still enough to make any drifter blush.

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