The Ford GTs of Robertson Racing



And some more spares. What, your race team doesn't have a tire mounter and balancer?
Remember how each car has three air jacks, and the custom jack stands? Well, here are some custom dollies that happen to fit around the air jacks, too. The cars are rolled off the team trailer and then the air jacks are deployed. These custom dollies are slipped into place, and then the air jacks are retracted. You can just barely make out the recessed area where the “foot” of the air jack locks into the dolly. Then, the cars are simply pushed into the shop. That's a spare transmission in the background. Do you get the feeling that this team is serious about spares?
More, more spares.
Despite their history of traveling at ludicrous speed in the pitch dark, the Fords employ a pretty standard headlight setup. Hella HIDs fill out the factory-looking headlight positions and an additional pair of driving lamps would have been installed in the hole in the front bumper for night-time duty. The vintage races these days are always run during the day, so the beauty you see here is ready-to-go.
The full fleet of Robertson Racing, with H watching over them in the background. Note all the spare bodies. The GT all the way in the back? That's “just” a road car set up for track duty. Maybe it, too, will become a spare someday. If someone can find a cool quarter million plus laying around, that is.

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