The Green Hell, Life at the Nordschleife


 Factory Aston Martin racer in the pits. 

 On the stage in the trees a DJ spins and girls dance under colored neon while kleg lights point skyward.  Everyone is drinking and watching the race, eating and having fun in a huge festival of speed noise and alcohol.

 The smoke from thousands of campfires and BBQ’s fills the air, at times making it hard to breathe.  The race has had to be stopped several times in the history of the 24 hrs because smoke and fog mix to create a vision stopping screen.
 There is plenty of graffiti on the racing surface of the Nurburgring.  Many of it are phrases pledging allegiance with a favorite manufacture and some are just plain funny.  Here is one showing the location on the track.
 Some Porsche RS factory built racers lead a LMS BMW just like the one we reviewed a few weeks ago.
 A newer model Porsche RSR lands after getting air, followed by a GT2 Nissan 350Z.   The RSR has improved aero over the RS Model.

It’s weird, awsome and fun all at once, like a Woodstock of speed.  We will give you details when we get back and can digest all of this, the best race in the world.  Germans kick ass!

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