The LoveFab Enviate: Prepping for the Peak


Color me impressed!  I was totally floored by the car’s appearance once it rolled out of the trailer! It seemed as though another miracle had been pulled off, but thanks to a few extra long days and extra hands they managed to get the carbon bodywork laid up and put together a few days prior. The renderings of the concept had given me an idea of what it was supposed to look like, but I had grown doubtful of how much could be done in the short window of time after I had left Cody’s house a dozen days earlier.
It was late in the day and the sun was already beginning to set, so there was no time to waste. A quick suit up and Cody was ready to pilot the Enviate around PPIR for it’s first real shake down. 
The car performed beautifully and sounded even better as its wheels were turned in anger for the first time. It just sounded so nasty with the low V8 rumble and all the fun whooshy noises of a turbo. 
Just making sure that everything was functioning was the first priority, and after a few test sessions everything seemed to working just fine, although it was running a little bit hotter than was ideal.


Even after night had set in and everyone else had gone back to their hotels, we were still at the track double and triple checking everything on the Enviate.  With such a small window of time to make sure everything was exactly as it was supposed to be, there was no free time to sit idly by.  The next day we would have the morning available to wrap up any details and get the car ready to pass tech inspection.

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