The LoveFab Enviate: Prepping for the Peak



The first major obstacle was to mount a third Mishimoto radiator to help alleviate the overheating issue that the car was showing during testing.
As another effort to help combat engine bay temps, reflective heat shielding was added around the exhaust manifolds and turbos.
The last thing to get done before heading out to tech was slapping on the biggest power adder, STICKERS! Since there wasn’t any time to do paint or vinyl wrap on the body, the sticker placement was mostly ad libbed before rolling it out in front of the media for the first time. The best way to make your sponsors happy is to get their name in front of the cameras!


We had to hustle to get to the tech inspection area in time, but once we were there it was smooth sailing.  With Cody and all the gear in the car it weighed in at a modest 2,510 pounds, not too bad, but hopefully once some redundancies in the chassis are removed it will be closer to the one ton mark.



It was cool to get a close up look at some of the other Unlimited Class competition. Loeb and the Peugeot team were calm, collected, and cool. But I suppose it can relieve some stress when you have a big factory budget, a host of support engineers, and one of the most advanced cars to ever attack the summit.


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