The Nissan Figaro: Back to the Future


As rare as it comes, you can tell a lot based on its color.

Since the Nissan Figaro only came in four original colors, you may be guessing why is this one is black. Some Figaro owners prefer to repaint them on the account of how hard the original paint is to respray. The original colors are Topaz Mist, Emerald Green, Pale Aqua, and Lapis Grey from fluoroplastic paint. The neat thing about these colors is that they are based on the seasons spring, summer, fall and winter.


Stay in place with your shift lock (??????).

The Figaro came with a 3-speed automatic transmission on front wheel drive (FF) layout.


Keep it all OEM, all original. Still with the original floor mats front to back, they are still in great condition.


Light on its feet from the front to the rear.

The Figaro’s tire setup has two forms. One is for warm and the other is for cold temperatures. It runs a 165/70/R12 tire in sunny weather and a 155/80R12.

This little cruise cart weighs about 2700lbs with a relatively even weight distribution from the front axle to the rear. Being front wheel drive, it comes with a front strut and a 4-link, solid axle rear with an anti-sway bar. With this not being a performance vehicle, it came with the original front ventilated disk and rear drum setup.


The heart and running soul from a classic.

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