The Nissan Figaro: Back to the Future


The engine of the Figaro is a 987cc MA10ET inline-4 that is turbocharged. It’s putting out about 76 max horsepower at 6,000 RPM with 60 horsepower and 78 ft-lbs of torque at 4400 RPM. Bore and stroke being 68.0mm all around, the compression ratio was 8.0:1.

This fuel economic car gets about 32 miles to the gallon on a 10 gallon fuel tank. But, if you’re going about 37 mph, in US, you’re getting about 57 miles to the gallon. Not like anyone really drives that slow in America, but it’s very beneficial in crammed cities or long, single lane, mountainous roads that feel like they can keep going forever. 


This 1-liter engine has some interesting output.

Along with the 3-speed transmission and the turbocharger for a shot of boost, the Figaro has a single overhead camshaft with 2 valves per cylinder, having 8 valves in total.

The fuel system is Nissan’s ECCS fuel injection system. The ECCS, also known as the Electronic Concentrated Control System, is an airflow controlled, port fuel injected engine control system. This system is made up of a collection of many parts like a microcomputer: inspection lamps, a diagnostic mode selector and connectors for single input and output and for a power supply.

Now what the ECCS controls basically makes the car a running machine. That includes the amount of injected fuel to the vehicle, the ignition timing, idle speed control, fuel pump operation, air regulation control and many others.


Think of a convertible that's not really a convertible but feels like a convertible. So, it then makes it’s appearance debatable of being a convertible.

The idea of the top missing but still able to grab the edges of the frame as you drive down the coast, enjoying the nice breeze gazing through your hair is pretty farfetched but amazing. The fabric is retractable with a two-tone bodywork. Adding to it being retractable, it has safety features such as double locks and a warning buzzer. The fixed-profile concept is seen on other convertibles, including the Citro├źn 2CV from the years 1948-1990 and the Nash Rambler “Landau” coupe from 1950, 1957 Fiat 500 and the 1007 Fiat 500 successor. This car here shares many attributes with almost a dozen cars!

One would also not have to worry about that morning frost on the rear windshield, considering the defrosters it is equipped with.


As rare as this car is, it’s more rad to see it on American soil.

Its value, depending on condition, ranges from $9,000 to $18,000. From most of the Figaros out there settling down in the UK, some other countries like Canada are taking advantage of their 15-year classic car rule and making it their chance on obtaining them a little easier. On the other hand, no one in America really likes the 25-year rule. On the contrary, it makes it more appreciative in America to see something this special from the foreign land sit and wait to be bought. Although this car never screamed “RACECAR” or “PERFORMANCE” during its almost 30 year life, we definitely appreciated the opportunity to drool over this classic Nissan rarityl


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