The Pagani Huayra BC Up Close

Normally we don’t talk about hypercars too much. Usually, we feel that these are just the playthings of the elite super-rich and are so out of reach for normal people, even relatively wealthy ones, that we always felt what’s the point and had little interest in them.  We are also somewhat automotive jaded and until recently when looking at hypercars, we usually were not overly impressed with the craftsmanship or the technology used in them.  Lately, as technology advances, we have been more impressed with Hypercars and we recently got a chance to get a really close look at a Pagani Huayra BC that was getting PPF treated at Aerowerkz while we were picking up Project GT-R.  Look for an article on that soon.

The Pagani Huayra BC is a very extremely limited edition Hypercar, only 40 of them will be made.  They originally sold for 3.5 MILLION dollars apiece but now the spaces to get one are being sold for a hyped-up 5.5 million we were told.  So I guess if you are a billionaire, and just have to have one to impress your buddies, that’s what it’s going to cost you.  The guys at Aerowerkz have got to have some balls tearing into this car to do the PPF install, we were nervous just walking around it, but that’s one of the reasons we chose them to work on Project GT-R.  Our GT-R was one of the cheaper cars there so you know they know how to do great work and take great care with their customer’s cars!  That being said, let us show you some of what you get for millions of dollars!

The workmanship on the Pagani Huayra BC is impeccable. In the past, some Hypercars we actually somewhat cobbly and kit car-like due to low production numbers and cottage industry handwork, but now with the cost in the millions, you can see that there is high attention to detail in this car.  What strikes you first is that the whole car is literally constructed of carbon fiber except for a few chassis and interior parts a la prototypes and higher formula open-wheel cars.

The is the beautiful remote.  I think it’s machined from titanium because it has a warm feeling that the low thermal conductivity of titanium gives.  It is quite solid and feels baller.  It probably costs more than our type of people’s cars!  I was afraid to drop it or scratch it.

Like an F1 car, every fastener in the Pagani is a custom bespoke part. Each one is engraved with a serial number and the Pagani logo.  Most of the fasteners are made of titanium but some for engineering reasons are made of other alloys.  No off-the-shelf grade 10.9 metric fasteners here.


  1. I liked this change of pace! I wouldn’t mind seeing more car analysis or review, hypercar or track build. Keep it up guys!

  2. This was an awesome article, and a cool change of pace from the usual MotoIQ build spot lights.

    I would absolutely enjoy seeing more of these close looks at the hypercars – the detail helps us mere mortals see which ones are legit and which ones are not worth the hype.

  3. I consider the Pagani to be a hyper-styled hyper car that focuses on form over function. It’s not my cup of tea in terms of performance objectives, but it’s absolutely a work of art in every aspect. I honestly think that most billionaires can’t even drive these machines to the levels that they are meant to be driven at, and considering that, why bother spending all your ‘hard earned’ money on a bunch of performance metrics that you will never take advantage of?

    You are ALWAYS going to appreciate the craftsmanship, and you certainly won’t get any competition in that department from the other hypercars.

    The Pagani makes the Bugatti look cheap.

    1. The workmanship is one thing you notice, no kit car cheapness here like some other hypercars. I was surprised by the aero though didn’t seem very sophisticated and I was also surprised by the mere chrome-moly subframes.

    2. Yeah, it’s too much form over function for my taste. But there’s the crowd that likes to have something different and more rare just because it’s more rare. I think I’ve maybe seen one Pagani? I’ve seen at least a handful of P1s actually driven on the road. I saw a Senna on the 405 a couple weeks ago.

  4. Hey Mike, would you say the movable flaps/ailerons would make up for the aero deficiencies you noted? I was hoping to see you mention them, and your thoughts on their pros and cons.

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