The Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 4: Return of the Sheet Metal Whisperer


With the steering rack, turbo system, and the frame rail all residing in the same area, there simply wasn’t much real estate left for the waste gate dump tubes. Using the Icengineworks modeling kit, John was able to precisely mock up each tube.


In the picture above, the gas would flow from right to left on a properly oriented double slip connector. Note the hooks on each pipe which allows a stainless spring to hold the two pipes together.

Two Burn’s Stainless double slip connectors are used to join the second portion of each waste gate tube. A slip connector is used to add flexibility into the system. The double slip design from Burn’s Stainless improves sealing of the exhaust gases in comparison to a single slip connector.


The springs that hold the double slip connector in place can be a slight pain to install. By using a special tool he made and holding his mouth just right, John Kuchta installs the each spring while MotoIQ contributing editor Annie Sam looks on in admiration.
With the springs installed and the waste gate pipes in position, you can see how much competition for space there is in the engine bay of project 240SX LSR.
With his plumbing skill and iconic mustache, I’m starting to think that John Kuchta might be related to the Super Mario Brothers. Agree?

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