The Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 4: Return of the Sheet Metal Whisperer



The end result of John’s hard work are two waste gate dump tubes that fit snugly into place and just squeak by the steering column and frame rail. On another note check out our new Turbosmart wastegate position sensors. We’ll be data logging the information from these with our AEM AQ-1.


Here you can see how the collection of exhaust pipes snake by the frame rail. It’s definitely a tight squeeze.
Nothing says racecar like a side exit exhaust and a pair of wastegate dump tubes.

With the exhaust finished up, John turned his attention towards fabricating a new intercooler pipe for Project 240SX LSR.


One new intercooler pipe was required since we swapped to a fly by wire throttle body system from a VQ35DE which is longer than our original N1 throttle body. Previously, our intercooler was positioned so that a simple 90 degree bend could be cut from a U bend to produce the needed intercooler pipe. It was simple and required no welding at all.


Pie cuts, great for manufacturing tight bends and also showing off.

The longer VQ35DE throttle body didn’t leave much room though and required a really tight bend so John again resorted to the wagiri yousetsu method.

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