The Search for Traction Finale

NX GTi-R – The Search For Traction: Finale

by Frank Ewald

Track season has begun in Southern Ontario and at the end of April, my NX GTi-R was still not ready for the season. My list of updates included swapping transmissions, getting tires mounted onto rims, changing the wheel bearings (on the rear at least), changing out the rear stainless braided lines, new brake fluid, engine oil and tranny fluid change … All in all a very reasonable list. It was also big enough that I volunteered to help my good friend, Dave Schlueter, move all of the wood working tools out of his home mechanic shop so that there would be room for my car. Unlike mine, his shop is heated, has awesome air tools, and even if I said that I could handle it on my own – which in this case I could not – Dave would always be right there to help out. He has been an incredible support throughout the development of this car.


Dave's Harley gets moved to the back of the garage when the NX comes for some work. This auto shop had turned into a wood working facility while Dave was doing a complete renovation of his kitchen. The kitchen looks fantastic – and I can now get my car into the shop!
Supplies for the project were ordered in advance and all set. I had all four wheel bearings – even though I only planned on using the rear ones. ARP extended bolts – for a GM because they fit the Nissan and are a ton cheaper than what's available for Japanese cars. Amsoil SAE 250 Severe Gear lube for the tranny and Amsoil 15 50 Dominator Racing Oil for the engine. And then a box of parts that may come in handy!
The '99 Infiniti G20 transmission is out (right) and the '01 Sentra B15 transmission containing the Nismo LSD is ready to be installed. You'll note the JB weld fill in the spaces on both transmissions around the passenger side axle. And I'm just preparing to remove the sleeve from the collar so that I can install the cable clutch setup.

The transmission was the first item on the agenda. This was the 2001 Sentra B15 transmission, into which I had a used Nismo LSD installed. This transmission is known as the strongest B series five speed, and I am also looking forward to the shorter final drive and how it pulls in fifth gear on long straights. Of course, the Nismo LSD is the holy grail of Nissan transmissions. Especially front wheel drive transmissions. I have literally searched everywhere for one – and now it is in my car. Of course, this spring I have seen a few on the market. Figures, now that I have one they are showing up everywhere!


It looks so simple, yet the installation of the Nismo LSD absolutely transforms the car. I knew it would be an upgrade, but I was not prepared for such an amazing change!

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