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Front Tires don't rub

Bad advice turns into a great mistake as these wheels actually work with the Proline ProTrack system!

Now, do you remember when we mentioned earlier that we couldn’t really find out why our first set of Proline beadlocks and tires rubbed the inside of the body and so we had to add spring spacers to lift it up? Guess what. It turns out those wheels were made for this system and not the OEM length arms. We were given bad advice which turned out to be a good thing as now we don’t have to worry about new wheels again.

Proline Arm Traxxas ArmProline Shock Tower Traxxas Shock Tower

The differences are pretty noticable, especially on the shock tower. We wonder why Traxxas didn't make the towers like this in the first place.

The system does include wheels, if you purchase the full kits for the front and rear. However since we have the beadlocks for them already we don’t have to worry about them. The ProTrack kit also includes new shock towers that are not only better braced than the OEM towers but also allow for more mounting options. This is great as it allows for more static ride height options without the need for spacers, which you can now use to weight shift and do some dynamic height settings.

Just a note, we did have to modify the RPM body mounts in order to clear the Proline towers as the RPM mounts were designed with the Traxxas open towers in mind. So don’t go crazy and remove a small amount of material from the mounts at a time and RPM won’t hit you with a warranty violation unless your modifications lead to the failure in the first place.

MIP ByPass1

Yes, unfortunately the ByPass1 Kit retains the e-clips. How I hate those buggers. You also see the little shim that acts as the pivot for the valve stack.

MIP ByPass1

In this setup we placed the valve on the bottom of the piston to control the rate of bound, or compression if you are more familiar with that term. If you were to place the valve on top it would control rebound.

Next, we installed an MIP piston kit that is an exciting new damper piston system based on full scale off road trucks known as the ByPass1. In the typical RC car setup, you have a plastic piston that has one to several holes in it to allow fluid to pass through. While they do a great job at damping for most small stuff, there is an issue with them that is known as “packing.”

MIP ByPass1

Here is the heart of the change between the OEM piston and the ByPass1 Kit. The valves and the Octagonal piston.

Packing, to put is simply, is the condition where the damper fluid can’t pass through the piston fast enough and it stops or greatly slows its damping effect. This usually happens on the landing of a jump. If you tune for packing, your suspension will usually end up too soft. If you tune for handling, your landings will be very harsh and you could lose control. This means that damper building becomes a compromise between great handling and dealing with packing for landings after jumps.

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