The Slasher – New Parts and New Motors


Viper RC 13.5t MotorWhile not pictured, the full system of the Viper RC Sensored Brushless kit comes with the VTX10-R along with the VST motors. We went with a sensored kit to prevent the motor from “cogging”, which happens when the motor gets stopped between poles and the “dumb” unsensored ESC doesn't know the position of the motor until you push it.

It’s pretty staggering when you first look into it, but Viper makes sure you don’t get terribly lost and offer some great customer support. We hadn’t messed with a brushless motor before and their staff were able to point us in the right direction on motor choices. We went with the 8.5 turn motor for qualifying and hard bashing sessions while the 13.5 turn motor will allow us to race and conserve battery life. The VTX-10R also goes further with on board timing adjustments (on top of the timing adjustment on the motor itself), punch control, brake control, servo boost, throttle response, and more. It’s amazing to know what can be controlled with this ESC.

Traxxas OEM Slipper

The way the slipper is set up is kind of unique, instead of slipping on each side of the plate, it only slips on one side.

Traxxas OEM Slipper

These shoes are the friction that catch on the disc. This system works great for the Titan Motor but not so great with more torque from the brushless motors!

We put the 8.5 turn motor in first and so far it’s been leaving a great impression. Well, when the slipper clutch didn’t slip it did. Unfortunately, the Traxxas 3 shoe system just couldn’t handle it and would slip until the truck got up to speed. That’s where the ST Racing Concepts Layshaft is coming in handy. Since it allows us to switch to a twin plate Team Associated clutch, it will equal more area for the slipper to grab and less chance of slippage. We're still in the process of installing all of that, so we haven’t had a proper chance to test it out. In case the standard pads don’t have enough grip we also have a pair of high torque slipper pads on hand for testing.

ST RC CNC Layshaft

The ST Racing Concepts Layshaft is stronger and allows for the use of more conventional slipper clutch setups from Team Associated.
Team Associated Upgraded slipper
You can see here that the plates sandwich the slipper pads between the spur gear. There is also a heavier duty version which we have on hand. The heavier duty version has more slipper pad material and the center hole is moer closed up.

That’s all the updates we have at this moment for project Slasher. Once we get the clutch installed and rolling, we will use project Slasher for some filming projects on YouTube with Thirsty Films. These are going to be fun and will be pilots towards a full series. Once we get them done, they will be posted here for you guys to enjoy and if the response is good a YouTube series called “Bash” will come to life for everyone to enjoy. I’m pretty excited about it and hope you guys will enjoy that along with the racing. Have fun and see you guys at the track!

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