Top 10: World’s Fastest Time Attack Cars?


Top 10 Cont.

David Loftus BSM Motorsports Nissan R32 Skyline GTR
The BSM BNR32 Skyline GT-R proves that the old school GT-R can still be competitive despite its nose heavy weight distribution, dated suspension geometry and brick like aerodynamics.  Click here for more info on this car.


Mark Berry Advan/Hi Octane Racing       Nissan Skyline R34 G
 Check out this video of the Hi Octane Racing R34. Click here for more info on this car.


Kinoshita Mitsuhiro Pro Staff R-Magic  Mazda RX-7
The R-Magic RX-7 packs around 560 hp from a side port rotary.  It is also light at 1040 kg. Click here for more info on this car.


K Sasaki  Pan Speed Racing   Mazda RX-7
 The Pan Speed Racing RX-7 also uses a side port 13B for power.  The reduced overlap of side inlet ports is probably very turbo friendly.  Click here for more info on this car.


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