Top 10: World’s Fastest Time Attack Cars?


Top 10 Cont. 

Warren Luff Prep'd Motorsport  Lotus Elise
 Check out this cool in car video of the Lotus here.


Tarzan Yamada Tomei/Cusco  Subaru Impreza WRX
 The Cusco/ Tomei STI is a car closely associated with Tarzan Yamada, one of our favorite drivers.  Read more about the car here.


David Empringham Sierra Sierra  Mitsubishi EVO
 America, fuck yeah!  The Sierra Sierra one man army represented the USA well, for a complete tech breakdown, check this out here.


Tarzan Yamada CyberEVO   Mitsubishi EVO
 The Winner!  The Cyber EVO is probably the car most closely associated with Tarzan Yamada.  Frankly we were surprised that the Sun Automotive team was able to best Sierra Sierra but all the more power to them.  Read here for more info on this fabulous car.


World Time Attack Winners
The Winner and third place Tarzan Yamada (center), Second Place David “the Emp” Empringham (left) and Warren Luff 4th place (right)


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