Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach – My First Experience


We were also able to talk our way into the SpeedSource Mazda LMP pits to get a feature on this beauty.

Be on the look out for a feature on the Chevrolet Racing C7.R

After getting our initial “work” done on some of the cars we’re going to be featuring over the next few months we strolled through the paddocks to check out what was going on.  If your only exposure to racing is watching it on TV then you’re really only getting half the story. Seeing the professional pits, teams, and all the craziness going on between races really puts a whole different spin on professional racing.


It's pretty amazing to see the teams swap major components between sessions. It's not like your local mechanic where it takes a week for a new transmission, these guys get it done in a few hours. 

Even the guys at Midas can't get a brake job done this quickly. 

The car might be down but the team never gets a break. All weekend long the teams are working at 110%. 

Now it’s time to get on the track. The first location I wanted to shoot was turn 11, better known as “The Hairpin.” This is the absolute closest you will get to any of the cars on track. It’s absolutely nuts standing behind that wall with only 6” of concrete separating you from the action, if you lean over too far I guarantee your head would get chopped clean off from an endplate ala King Henry. 


Seriously though, keep all hands and arms inside the photographers station at turn 11. 


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