Toyota’s Legacy In the FR-S


One of the things we were disappointed about was the lack of coverage for the other cars that were on display at this event. These cars were part of the major influences that lead to the creation of the FR-S, and significant in their own right. Here are just few of the Toyota heritage vehicles that made a cameo at the FR-S reveal:

Model: Sports 800 (S800)
Year: 1965
Engine: 790CC 2U H2
Configuration: Front Engine RWD
Power:  45hp
Weight: 1279
Interesting Factoid: This vehicle was never sold or imported to the United States. Ahead of its time, this sports car was manufactured using aluminum body panels. 

Model: 2000GT
Year: 1967
Engine: 2.0L MF 10L
Configuration: Front Engine RWD
Power: 150 hp
Weight: 2470
Interesting Factoid: In production from only 1967-1970, only 351 cars were ever made, and was Toyota's first collaboration with another manufacturer; Yamaha. People at this reveal had no idea that this car they were in the presence of was worth as much as the Lexus LFA.

Model: Corolla GT-S
Year: 1986
Engine: 1.6L 4A-GE
Configuration: Front Engine RWD
Power:  112 hp
Weight: 2300 lb
Interesting Factoid: By the time this car came around, it was already in its fifth generation, and the last generation of the RWD that made it so awesome. But, the drivetrain lived on in the MR2.
Model: Supra
Year: 1993
Engine: 3.0L 2JZ-GTE
Configuration: Front Engine RWD
Power:  320hp
Weight: 3210
Interesting Factoid: Heavily influenced by the design of the Celica, you can see the resemblance in almost every body line. This Supra is owned by Mr. Hollis himself.
Model: MR2 Turbo
Year: 1995
Engine: 2.0L 35-GTE
Configuration: Mid Engine RWD
Power:  200hp
Weight: 2888
Interesting Factoid: The 1995 MR2 was the last year the MR2 was made before the return of the Spyder, and in its time, the only non-exotic mid engine sports car available in the US. MR2 stands for Mid-engine Rear-wheel drive 2 seater.


Model: LF-A
Year: 2011
Engine: 4.8L 1LR-GUE
Configuration: Front-mid engine RWD
Power: 553 hp
Weight: 3263
Interesting Factoid: This car currently holds the track record for fastest time on the Top Gear test track when wet.

Will the FR-S be the savior of our industry?  We think so with a resounding yes.  This is the car that there is a pent up demand for and it will change things.  People better buy these!  Thumbs up to Toyota and Subaru for having the balls to build it. 

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