MotoIQ Track Days! Track Challenge and Super-G Racing

MotoIQ is proud to announce its first official track day! On Saturday August, 25th we will be holding the first ever MotoIQ Track Challenge & Super-G Racing event at Irwindale Speedway. Our in-house designed courses will allow you to drive your car at wide open throttle through Irwindale Speedway’s outer NASCAR ovals while also giving you the opportunity to test your car’s handling and braking limits through our inner course. Drivers will also get a shot at up to $1,250 in cash (well, technically checks) winnings!

Our track day will be split into two parts. From noon till 6pm our drivers will be divided into groups to run on our Solo-1 course. The Solo-1 sessions will work as qualifying sessions for our Super-G Racing elimination round that will be running under the Irwindale Speedway lights starting at 7pm. The fastest cars will be bracketed and will race on our mirrored Super-G course. Each car will get a shot at the Left and Right courses and the best combined time will advance. An electronic timing and display system will be used to ensure accurate timing and inform the drivers and fans of the lap times in real-time.

All cars are welcome and registration is now open. Early bird registration is only $120, and the price goes up to $150 the week of the event. So register early!

Track Challenge Driver Registration (click)

SOLO-1 COURSE – drivers will take on this course one car at a time from noon – 6pm. The top lap times will move on to our head to head elimination round. As you can see above the course has a healthy mix of wide-open-throttle, hard cornering and braking areas. Just like our previous Super-G exhibitions we ran during The Drift League halftimes, the drivers will have to end their runs inside our “stop-box”. If all parts of the car are not INSIDE the boundaries of the stop-box, the lap does not count.

SUPER-G COURSE – the fastest cars from our Solo-1 sessions will be bracketed and will race head to head on our mirrored Super-G course. Electric time displays will be displaying lap times real-time so drivers and fans will be able to keep up with all the on-track action.

NEXT EVENT:  August 25, 2018

Track Challenge Driver Registration (click)

Event Schedule

10:00am = Gates open for drivers only
10:00am – noon = Tech Inspection
noon – 6:00pm  = Solo1 Qualifying
6:00pm – 7:00pm = BREAK
7:00pm – 9:00pm = Super-G Eliminations

Event Rules

  • All productions based cars are welcome.
  • All vehicles must pass a safety tech inspection before going on track.
  • You MUST have a full-face helmet if you want to go on track! (All Snell, ECE, & FIA certified helmets will be allowed)
  • Try to completely empty your car out before coming to the event, as you will need to before going on track (clothing, phone cords, loose change, etc.)


Join us for a full day/night of roval grip action on the famous Irwindale Speedway oval track! Get all your friends together and come compete. If your cars aren’t ready, pass the word to your friends with running cars and bum a ride! Both the drag strip and the burn-out box will be open all night too, so there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Forget the sideshows and lame street racing scene and come have some real car fun with like minded gear-heads.

If you have any questions or comments, sound off in the comments below. Hope to see you all at Irwindale Speedway on August 25!


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