Turbocharging the Nissan MR20DD Engine! Part one, the External MR20DD Architecture

We were also trying to see how to add additional fuel for turbocharging. Modding the high-pressure direct injection pump for higher volume and getting bigger direct injectors was going to be super expensive and difficult. So we decided to use additional port injectors for the extra fuel we’ll be needing.  The plastic intake manifold is going to be problematic to modify for injector bosses, so we will need to make a spacer between the manifold and head to mount the injectors on.

The Renault high-pressure direct injection pump is different from others on the market so we could not find another pump to modify for more capacity. Adding the port injectors has some advantages, such as keeping the intake ports and valves clean.

Another view of the high-volume EGR valve.  It has more precise electronic control probably due to it being used for pumping loss reduction as well as the more traditional NOX reduction.


  1. This is the kind of content I hope leads to more new cheap fun cars. Nissan had a project 370Z a few years back that turned out to be very similar to the new Z. Fingers crossed this leads into a new Sentra SE-R or, fingers crossed, a competitor to the Twins.

  2. OK, love it… obviously I can’t fault playing with known enthusiast cars (in good, detail oriented ways) but doing something Good And Weird is stuff I live for. Look forwards to seeing where this goes! And also wondering how temperature tolerant that EGR valve is, because I’ve been thinking about air bypass antilag lately…

  3. I’m willing to bet it has pencil thin connecting rods.

    Is Nissan trying to find another easy opportunity to over-advertise their cars?

  4. I just purchased this car. Gave up my dream car for a while.
    It’s an interesting car.
    Have you thought of super charging it instead of turbo charging it?
    Or does Nissan only want to see how a Turbo would work out.?

    And congrats, having Nissan contact you for this project must feel pretty darn awesome!

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