Upgrading Nissan S Chassis Rear Brakes and Adding a Drift Brake the Easy Way!

We needed to upgrade the brakes on our S13 grip/drift car and we wanted to do something straightforward and simple.  We also wanted to add a drift brake to the rear brakes.  What used to be somewhat of a pain in the ass to rig up is now bolt-on easy with parts from GKtech, Parts Shop Max and Enjuku Racing.

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The S13 comes with very rudimentary rear brakes.  The stock brake calipers are made of heavy iron and have a sliding single piston.  Your standard cheap econo car OEM stuff.  These were probably adequate for the lightweight and skinny tired S13 back in 1990. We replaced those with these Z32 replica calipers by Parts Shop Max.  The Z32 calipers are high-performance two-piston calipers made from lightweight aluminum.  4 z32 calipers are probably only a little heavier than the stock iron calipers!

The Parts Shop Max Calipers are replicas of Nissan’s discontinued Z32 calipers.  Once a cheap and easy upgrade Z32 calipers are now getting hard to get on the used and reman market and are expensive!  The Parts Shop Max parts are brand new and come with pads for the price of well-used Nissan calipers.

The stock rear rotors on the S13 are solid unvented discs at 258mm in diameter and 0nly 9mm thick. We replaced it with a ventilated rotor from a Z32 that is 297mm in diameter and 18mm thick

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