Upgrading Nissan S Chassis Rear Brakes and Adding a Drift Brake the Easy Way!

The Z32 has an integrated drum parking brake.  The S13 does not but the rotor still interchanges. Some S13 owners upgrade to the Z32 lightweight aluminum upright and will want to use the Z32 parking brake.

The big thing that will improve the effectiveness of the brakes on track is that the Z32 rotor is internally vented and is 2x the thickness of the OEM S13 rotor.  The larger diameter also has more swept area and gives the calipers more mechanical advantage over the tires’ contact patch.

We used Enjuku Racing’s ISR brand 5-lug adaptor hubs so that we could have a larger choice of wheels for our car.  They also allow the use of Z32 rotors with no redrilling.

The ISR hubs bolt right onto the OEM uprights.  They are also equipped with OEM-quality Koyo bearings.

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