Upgrading Nissan S Chassis Rear Brakes and Adding a Drift Brake the Easy Way!

The lever adaptor bolts firmly to the transmission tower.  This gives the brake a sturdy no fabrication mounting point.

Next, the master cylinder holder and pivot brace are bolted to the base.  The base is slotted and can be adjusted for distance from the steering wheel and angle of pull.

Next, the hydraulic lines are bolted down and routed toward the back of the car.  As a note, the GKTech brake lever is solid, smooth, and stiff, we have used cheaper levers but those had an annoying amount of looseness and flex.

We ran the line to the back of the car, then transitioned to a line splitter and hard line.

Next we ran the hardline to a bulkhead fitting and to the outside of the car.  From there it was a braided steel line to the caliper.

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