Upgrading Nissan S Chassis Rear Brakes and Adding a Drift Brake the Easy Way!

To complete our easy-to-install drift brake setup, we got parts from GKTech to make this an easy fully bolt-on affair.

The hand brake lever is a solid CNC machined piece that is strong and rigid.  The lever base is made of steel and is laser-cut for lightness. The lever pivots on delrin bushings.  GKTech levers are known to have little play and good stiffness, important for a good brake feel.

GKTech uses existing holes to make this cool lever mounting base that bolts into the S-Chassis transmission tunnel.  The base makes installation a snap with no welding, drilling, or cutting needed. The base also allows you to adjust the pull angle of the brake lever.

We selected a 5/8″ bore for the drift brake master cylinder.  This should give us the best balance of hydraulic advantage and lever feel.

Before plumbing the e-brake would be a pain in the ass and you would have to figure out and fabricate your hydraulic lines.  GKTech has made this easy with their plug-and-play brake line plumbing kit. 

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