Upgrading Nissan S Chassis Rear Brakes and Adding a Drift Brake the Easy Way!

Before, adding a drift brake would mean fabrication to make mounting allowances for the additional caliper, a pain in the ass.  We used GKTech uprights to eliminate that task.  They have mounts for two OEM or Z32 calipers!

The GKTech knuckles also lower the car and correct some geometry issues like the toe curve.  They are much lighter than stock.  Check out here for more GKTech S Chassis suspension information.

If you didn’t want to pop for GKTech’s super rad knuckles, you could get their dual-caliper adaptor kit that adds another caliper mounting point by bolting in between the OEM knuckle and hub.  The adaptor plates are CNC machined out of steel plate with recesses for minimal offset changes.

Our dual Parts Shop Max calipers fit perfectly on our GKTech knuckles and everything bolted together and lined up exactly.

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